Girls Junior Varsity Soccer, Girls Varsity Soccer · Girls Soccer Tryout Criteria

I wanted to provide the criteria for how I will be evaluating players for rosters spots.

  1. Technical: first touch, dribbling, passing, shooting. Goalie mechanics
  2. Tactical: offensive & defensive positioning, field vision, soccer IQ
  3. Physical/Athleticism: speed, agility, strength, balance, endurance
  4. Psychological: attitude, receptiveness to feedback–“coachability”, work rate, reaction to setback, confidence

I mostly use qualitative data with some quantitative data where applicable based on the criteria above.   There is no one “type” of player or magical equation that earns a roster.  Players are combinations of varying levels of the above criteria.  It is important to understand that players will be evaluated in the context of the 2018 WJ player pool.  Cutting players is an unpleasant but essential part of running a competitive program.  Every player that tries out will be given in-person feedback from the coaching staff and confirmation of whether they did or did not earn a spot.

If anyone has any questions please don’t hesitate to reach out to me.


Tryout Schedule

Wednesday 8/8

6:30 Paperwork collection, 7-9 tryouts @ turf field

Thursday 8/9

7-9 tryouts @ turf field (First cut)

Friday 8/10

7-9 tryouts @ turf field

Saturday  8/11

Blair scrimmage @ WJ 11:30 varsity, JV follows (final cut)