Coed Varsity Cross Country · Team Rules and Expectations



CROSS COUNTRY  at Walter Johnson is a tradition of excellence, it is a journey of self discovery, it is a venue for true competition, but above all  it is a team. A group of young athletes working together for a common purpose, to be the best they can be.

This is a competitive running team, and athletes will be expected to demonstrate a high level of commitment.

All athletes will be required to purchase a singlet and racing shorts. The uniforms will be available for purchase at The uniforms must be ordered by the 3rd day after the start of training the portal will be closed after that.


The roster is limited to the available number of racing jerseys and will not exceed 60 Boys and 60 girls. All freshman will be kept on the roster provided the exhibit the required commitment.  If necessary a time trial will be held to determine the final 60 boys and 60 girls. The selection will be based on the finishing time of the top 60 runners less freshman.

Effort and Commitment

  • ATTENDENCE IS MANDATORY  You are allowed 1 unexcused absence and 2 excused  absences, any more will result in removal from the roster.
  • All athletes will come to practice faithfully and complete assigned daily team workouts in a conscientious manner: if an athlete’s effort or actions is undermining team morale, that athlete may be removed from the team.
  • Athletes who unable to make their best effort in training will be given an opportunity to improve their commitment, continued sub standard effort will result in removal from the roster.
  • Roll will be taken at every training session
  • Athletes will be expected to train for multiple events.
  • Athletes will run in the meets they qualify for.
  • All athletes must compete in all dual/tri meets and the County Varisty/Varsity B Meet.
  • Your team commitment will end at the conclusion of the County Varsity B Meet. You will not be required to continue training, except if you are scheduled to participate in the region meet or you just wish to do so.

General Conduct

  • Athletes will listen when coaches speak.
  • Athletes will not use foul language.
  • Athletes will not leave practice without a coach’s permission. Athletes will not argue with officials.
  • Athletes will congratulate teammates and opponents. Athletes will support and encourage their teammates. Athletes will thank officials.
  • Athletes will never taunt, tease, or belittle opponents.

Varsity Letter

A varsity Letter will be awarded to athletes who display a full and total commitment to the team and their training. In addition an athlete must run in the top seven in any varsity race or finishes in the top 10 overall for the team in at least 3 meets.