Wildcats News · Return to R.A.I.S.E. UPDATE

Today, the Montgomery County Council unanimously passed amendments to the Board of Health regulation that allow our program to continue forward, per the approved protocol and procedures outlined in the Return to R.A.I.S.E. strategic plan.


A couple of notes:


  1. Cheerleading and pompons will move forward with full activities, including stunting and kicklines respectively
  2. Football will proceed with full contact and activities. To promote student-athlete safety and ensure students have received appropriate instruction on tackling and fundamentals, games scheduled for March 25-27, will be played in a controlled scrimmage format as follows:
  • During the originally scheduled times, under the lights
  • Game officials/referees will assist in the promotion of safe progression, instruction, and technique
  • Student-athletes will wear full uniforms
  • Coaches of the two schools will coordinate the structure to allow for a differentiated experience based on the current level of progression. This will be communicated and approved by the athletics specialists of both schools.

3. The Return to R.A.I.S.E. Strategic Plan has been approved and will continue to drive our operations. We will provide real-time updates as needed, as we plan for the spring season and            opportunities for engagement in winter sports.

4. We will continue to monitor the issue of spectators and provide updates as appropriate.


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